It takes a community to

…  Raise a child

…  Keep a job

…  Thrive in your career

…  Endure a pandemic

…  Maintain our sanity

We make it simple to connect with that community

Within months, the coronavirus pandemic upended the daily lives of people around the globe.  Juggling the work-life balance during COVID has become a preoccupation for most of us. 

We founded Kidzbridge as a one-stop solution to building the community pods (Co-Pods) necessary to bridge the gaps we are all experiencing as we try to care for, educate, and develop our children while at the same time continue to be productive and maintain our careers.

Kidzbridge can help you solve the critical challenges you face today

Employees and Business Owners:

You shouldn’t have to choose between family and the means allowing you to provide for them.


You need a workforce (especially those working virtually) not distracted daily with children at home.

What is a Co-Pod

Community Pods or Co-Pods are small gatherings of children, grouped closely by age, who are supervised by a parent or teacher in the home of one or more of the Co-Pod members.  Each Co-Pod member agrees to supervise one or two days (or as decided by the Co-Pod) during the school week or to provide a responsible adult to take their place on that day. 

What we do 

We enable you to create your own Co-Pod by matching you with families in your area who have shared values and complementary work schedules, as well as kids’ curriculum, interests and sporting needs that align with yours.

We will take you from this …

To this …

In 3 easy steps …

How it works

STEP 1. Complete the profile questionnaire to be matched with families in your local area who share similar needs, including:

  • Similar ages
  • Similar personalities
  • Matching school criteria
  • Similar interests
  • Coordinated days for POD supervision/availability

STEP 2. If need be, look for a suitable tutor or caregiver to take your spot ( we have lists of tutors from which you can choose).

STEP 3. Add any extracurriculars and other “extras”  available in your area through our partner organizations  (eg: catering, transport etc)

Build your own co-pod with our resource partners

Once you sign up with Kidzbridge, we give you access to our pre-vetted Resource Partners. 

Whether you are looking for a better curriculum, healthy food deliveries to manage your pod or an inspiring tutor to substitute for your allotted co-operative day, we have in all here at your fingertips…just sign up or login

Find a Tutor

Explore available curricula
Find local catering, food delivery, transport
Explore extra-curricular activities in your  area

Share your talents with your community.
Become a Kidzbridge Resource Partner!

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Offer Local Catering, Food Delivery and Transport

Showcase Extra-Curricular Activities

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